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Written by on 10/11/2022

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“Chicago; One of the Most Important Bands in Music History, Is Still Going Super Strong After 55 years On The Road”
Leigh Loughnane, a founding member of the band Chicago, talks about the band’s recent 38th studio album release and their tour. He reflects on the band’s success over the years, including their 100 million in record sales, 21 top 10 singles, and 11 number one hits. He talks about how the band has managed to stay together and remain relevant for over 50 years.
The trumpet player discusses how music always came first in his life from the time he learned to speak. His dad had been a trumpet player and had a collection of big band records from the thirties and forties. Leigh started playing along with them and that’s what got him started playing trumpet. He loves his instrument and during the conversation, discusses his father’s influence on his decision to become a musician, how his father reacted when he chose to pursue music as a career, and how his wives and children have responded to his being on the road every single year for the last 55 years.
Leigh discusses the loss of founding member and guitarist Terry Kath, who died in 1970 and tells us how that it’s the passion for the music that has kept the band  together and playing for audiences right around the world for more than half a century.

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