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John Helliwell was a small-town computer programmer-turned-musician who embarked on an unexpected journey of success and musical exploration, encountering a dramatic juxtaposition between his musical success and his shy personality along the way.

“We knew we had something good together, and so we made this album Crime of the Century. Supertramp had already made two albums before that with the differing personnel, but this was the five of us that stuck together for at least ten years, and we thought we had something good, so we just kind of tried to promote that.” – John Helliwell

John Helliwell is a saxophonist and founding member of the British rock band Supertramp. He joined the band in 1973 and is known for his solo on the hit single “The Logical Song” from the album Breakfast in America.

He was born in a small town in the north of England and, after going to school, became a computer programmer. He then pursued music full-time and eventually joined Supertramp in 1973. The group hit it big in 1979 with the album Breakfast in America. John’s unique saxophone and clarinet solos, along with the band’s two singers and keyboard-oriented sound, made them stand right out from the mainstream. So, as John’s fame grew with the success of the band his life changed forever. When asked what made him most proud about his enduring career, without a doubt, John says, it was his solo in the hit single ‘Logical Song’. 

John Helliwell shares a candid and frank interview this week where he reveals that the band was too shy to speak to the audience on stage. He talks about the incredible times that the members shared and how their unique sound and songwriting style endeared them to the public in all corners of the globe.
I hope you are able to join me this week on A Breath of Fresh Air.

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