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Written by on 02/14/2023

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Gary Puckett and the Union Gap had the biggest year of their lives in 1968 thanks to Gary’s dogged determination and radical idea to dress the band up in Civil War inspired costumes. His melodramatic crooning helped to pioneer the ‘hip to be a square’ concept.
This week Gary shares his story about a time when he performed for adoring fans the world over. He talks about what happened once the party was over, how he took acting lessons hoping to find an alternate career and how luck found him again when he was hired to join The Monkees on their 20th anniversary reunion tour.
Gary Puckett was also the founder of the ‘Happy Together’ tour – a show featuring hits from the ‘60s and ‘70s from artists like The Turtles, The Cowsills and Badfinger. The show still travels the globe today and its popularity is testament to the enduring appeal of those hits.
Gary’s story is one of perseverance and determination. It’s inspiring and touching. I hope you will really enjoy listening to both his words and music.




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