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Trying to come up with a theme for tonight wasn’t really that easy. Every time I try to come up with the subject there were too many questions to continue. Hmmm maybe that’s it, we all seem to be questioning the government, the weather, money, love, peace. I’m sure I left something out but the […]

Come hear and discover the independent artists of the great south of the entire planet. It is in Toronto in Canada who welcomes us now every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 11 pm to 12 pm and 19 pm to 20 pm, 1:00 PM-2:00 PM, 5:00 am-6:00 am EST . A playlist per […]

Staring at the TV and trying to make sense of the world as more news comes in of music legends passing. It seems like a good day to stay in bed. As a fire up the computer looking for solace I take comfort in the offerings in the Addictions Inbox. Thanks to all the labels, […]

Today 6pm-8pm EST  EST bombshellradio.comHour 1: An Archival (2016) conversation with Peter, Bjorn & John! Hour 2: New Melodic Rock ‘n Roll from: Moaning, Best Coast, Soccer Mommy, Georgia Maq (x 2), U.S. Girls, Caroline Rose, Surf Curse, Tame Impala, The Districts, Real Estate, Caribou, Wild Nothing!BombshellRadio #melodicrock, #radioshow, #rock, #alternative, #justanothermenacesunday, #dj, #DennistheMenace, #Synthpop, […]

I’m happy to say at least we can put that behind us. Goodbye to the mudslinging and ugliness that this election evoked. Regardless of the outcome somehow you’ll have to manage to get along. And yes we do feel the unease here in Canada. The show is mainly for entertainment not politics. Even though some […]

Nervously we fire up the show today as America hangs in the balance on Election Day. Even broadcasting from Canada you can feel the tension. We have a great show new Indie finds, a few favourites, Bombshell Radio Track of the Day, The Sweetest Condition Spotlight and a few surprises.This is Addictions and Other Vices […]

Can’t thank you enough for the great feedback we’ve received lately. Not only for the show but all the shows hosted on Bombshell Radio. We have a number of submissions this week so let’s get down to it. New Indie finds, a few favourites, , The Sweetest Condition Spotlight, Bombshell track of the day, and […]

This week on Top World Indie, we’ll discover mediterranean voices of the Corsican Trio Soledonna, Jacky Micaelli, Corou de berra, Alba, Barbara Furtuna, Cie Rassegna, We’ll listen the Jazz of Anne Paceo, of Fabienne Marcangeli, the Egyptian Violin of Nancy Mounir, the african voice of Yvonne Mwale, the voice of Changamire, of Noha Fekry, the […]

  Today The Menace’s Attic/Just Another Menace Sunday#interview w/ The Frights6pm-8pm EST Bombshell Radio Bombshell RadioRepeats Sunday6am-8am EST #BombshellRadio #melodicrock #radioshow #rock #alternative #justanothermenacesunday #dj #DennistheMenace #radioreplay #today #TheFrights     This Week – Episode #668 A CONVERSATION WITH THE FRIGHTS & THEIR MUSICAL SANDWICH.(11/06/2016)   Theme Song Just Another Menace Sunday Theme (Dennis […]

Back with our first show in November tonight it’s a two hour affair. So many great selections to choose from in the Addictions Inbox there’s no way we can keep to the hour mark. A lot of new Indie finds, A few favourites, Bombshell track of the day, and and maybe a few surprises. This […]

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