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The Heart Goes Boom 19 – THGB19

23 September 2017 Bombshell Radio The Heart Goes Boom

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New show THGB 0019 with host Alex Green The Heart Goes Boom on Bombshell Radio Thursdays 1pm-2pm EST 10am-11am PDT bombshellradio.com 11pm-12am EST 8pm-9pm PDT
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Tonight’s Playlist

David Mead–Happy Birthday, Marty Ryan
The Replacements–I Will Dare (Live)
Public Access TV–In Love And Alone
Bad Nerves–Wasted Days
Mt. Doubt–Thirst
Lost In Vancouver–Robyn
Margot And The Nuclear So and So’s–Jen Is Bringing The Drugs
Brennan Hester–Don’t Know How
Crocodiles–Endless Flowers
Nova Mob–Where You Gonna Land Next Time You Fall Off Of Your Mountain