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I began my company HALSHACK as an Independent A&R, Public Relations Manager, and now a Radio Personality to source bands and artists that I feel are in viable contention of possible notoriety or even stardom in the mainstream music industry. I look for quality emerging artists an aspire to working with only the best indie and unsigned acts. I produce my own radio show in order to gain attention for these artists by giving full promotion on my website, radio show and various social media outlets and platforms as well as possibly having an article or review written about certain acts that garner the attention.

Only thing I ask my listeners, fans, followers and BANDS for (especially the bands) in return is helping to me to share and promote the show. Its a wonderful service when we all work together to help grow indie music and help each others careers one fan or band at a time. I just added a concert page to the site too. So please give the show a chance! Its worth your time I PROMISE!!

I am open to anyone who wants to talk syndication or advancing of career opportunities in the music business and beyond. I foresee Halshack could be a new revolutionary music record label with the right backing and investors where we (for once) give back to the artists that have given so much of themselves in order to produce and craft their skills for all of us to enjoy!! A place where artists still own their content and they don’t have to sell their hearts and lives to the BIG media conglomerates!!

My show is presented by Halshack Promotions

I am located in North Carolina and am entrenched in the local, National and even the world indie music scene!! You wanna know what’s GOOD out there….then keep it on the Halshack baby!!









Please contact me with any inquiries or send me a link to your tunes, thank you
Hal Jester- jesterman9000@gmail.com

Any Bands or Artists who feel they got that extra special something to get on my show and to be showcased and be promoted by the Halshack….Please send me some links or some tracks to my email above or hit me up on Facebook or Twitter

I am a super friendly guy and trust me I will listen to anything that comes my way..it may not make it on the show but I will listen and respond to you (if accepted) within a reasonable amount of time…thanks again to everyone for their support!!