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Gary Taylor is a DJ and Electronic Music Solo Artist, based in Birmingham/Reykjavik. He started creating music from an early age in the late 70´s, inspired by the original music of the time, Punk, Two Tone, New Wave, Reggae, Electro Pop, Disco, Funk. From there on in he started playing on Home keyboard, Organ, Piano, any Musical Instrument that was available, always dreaming of Synthesizers, Studios, making professional Music. He also started his Record and Tape collection up at this time, buying Kraftwerk – The Man Machine as one of his first Albums.

In the 80’s over the Decade Gary carried on making music at home on simple old School keyboards, adding taped recordings of cool phrases from classic Video Films of the day, this was another new start to his creative approach to making Music, He started DJ’ing  in 1983, Scratching and Mixing Records, Making up Mix Tapes and general madness on Two Turntables which gave him a deeper understanding of the way recordings worked. Gary was part of the Street Dance movement, Body Popping and Break Dance. He was given his first  DJ slots at the local youth Discos. Then came the 90’s and Gary bought his first Home Studio, building up a good back catalog of ideas and Demos and learning as much as he could about the Music recording process. By this time Gary had built up a good size record collection and started his DJ live set performances at Hundreds of gigs, this is where he really learnt what music was all about, People, Gatherings, Inspiration, New Sounds, different approaches to making music, another perfect building block.

When the Millennium arrived he continued playing out and about on the DJ circuit, playing everything Electronic and Eclectic for the Dance Floor. He started his Alba Beat music project up in 2007 and released his debut Album in 2009 on CD Baby, Alba Beat – From Silence and Then…, the Album was played across the Internet on Podcast shows such as, Robo Cast Radio, The Gary Hunter Show, Jammy Toast, The Tangerine Dream Fan show with Chris Newman. In 2017 you can hear Gary Taylors Music on Soundcloud and his mixes and podcasts on Mixcloud, he continues to collect and support new Electronic Music to this day, playing them here on Artefaktor Radio his Future Enterprisers selected Music Show.  and Now on Bombshell Radio