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DJ, CEO, Program Director Talent Scout

Addictions and Other Vices – Hosted by Tom McNeil

The primary drive is to expose some great up and coming indie artists mix it up with some other music inspirations add some of my love of film and have a good time. I hope you enjoy. Love Your Indie With over 350 episodes produced , Tom McNeil easily demonstrates his commitment to the Indie music scene and why the show is aptly named "Addictions"

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Photography and Design / Art Director/ Voiceover


As an artist and photographer, I have taken my passion for photography and fused it with my love of design. I enjoy capturing the essence, raw emotions and unique qualities in every image I shoot.

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DJ Dennis The Menace (United States)

Just Another Menace Sunday

He has been on the air in New York, Florida, and as co-host of "Music Scene" on KISS-108, Boston where his interviews for the show also were heard on the "Rolling Stone Continuous History of Rock and Roll.” Today he is host/producer of two syndicated specialty radio shows broadcast from his Menace Studio in San Francisco.

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Dennis The Menace DJ Vinyl Keeper USA

  The Menace’s Attic: Six Decades of Rock and Roll by Theme

Six decades are in the mix from doo-wop to British Invasion hits and rarities to punk to 80’s New Wave all topped with the best melodic rock of today.

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DJ Jazzamatazz (Scotland)


Jazzamatazz is feel good fun retro music selections in nonstop DJ mixes from many different cool genres & era's of music including NorthernSoul, Funk, Surf, Ska, Rock, Reggae,Mod,Groove,Lounge,Jazz,Hip-hop,Trip Hop,Psychedelia,Disco,ElectroSwing.Beat,Big Band,Library music & classic TV & Film theme tunes, all mostly from the 50s to the 90s, but always searching for exciting new classic music.

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DJ Shayne Locke (Australia)

Soul Traveller

Shayne Locke As program manager and host of Soul Traveller Radio, Shayne's intention is to bring about change through his love of independent and conscious music. With a background in IT and media marketing, Shayne also runs ST Media - Positively Digital - http://stmedia.me - which helps artists and companies with media and marketing.

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DJ Alex Green (San Francisco, USA)

The Heart Goes Boom

Alex Green is the Editor of the daily music site Stereo Embers. Bringing You The Listener A Wealth Of Music Gems From various Musical Genres.

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Manchester/ United Kingdom/ DJ's

Andy Barker (808 state) and Tony Ross

Manchester, United Kingdom

music producer, Dj's , radio presenters, with lots of history :)

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DJ Brandon Charles USA

Alternate Universe

indie rock, and shows dedicated to the classics of the genre all the time, listen as I guide you through most of the song selections at www.bombshellradio.com

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Interviews/ The San Francisco Treat

Stereo Embers

Alex Green of The Heart Goes Boom has also expanded his duties at Bombshell to include a long-form interview show called Stereo Embers: The Podcast. Upcoming guests include Sara Curtin, the Bye Bye Blackbirds, The Coronas, Mark Olson and the Decrees.

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DJ Rusty Egan United kingdom

The Electronic Family Tree Radio Show w/  Rusty Egan

Rusty Egan is a drummer ‘The Rich Kids’ – Visage – The Skids – Phil Lynott TOTP Theme Yellow Pearl And a DJ Producer. He was DJ at The Blitz Club introducing ambient and electronic music in his sets 2013 2016 WRITING AND RECORDING IN IBIZA and hosting a weekly radio show with new releases planned for 2017.

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DJ XTD Mixes (Canada)

XTD Mixes

Reggae,Rap,Funk,Soul,Electro,Indie Rock, Alternative,Folk,Hip-Hop .... It's All Good I Like to change it up a new different genre and vibe every week. Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent. - Victor Hugo One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain - Bob Marley

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DJ Skip Skasome Canada

Ska Party Radio

hosted by Skip The DJ Tuesdays 3pm-5pm EST and 8pm-10pm BST Repeats Thursdays 3am-5am EST and 8am-10am BST Enjoy! and Saturdays 11am-1pm EST (2hrs ) Ska Party Radio = Ska and all of its hyphenations!

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Time Travellor


I’ve decided not to voice the show as I think it moves a better pace without narration. Also I believe they’re are better outlets that serve that purpose. I chose 1960 as it’s the time when things started really changing in music. I’ve also included the politically incorrect novelty tracks.

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DJ Musician Visionary Andrew Maley United Kingdom

Perfect Pop / The Pop Years

Andrew’s vision is also to look out for upcoming flourishing pop talent and become a talisman for electro indie pop through his community label Black Towers Records, giving a chance to those seeking exposure. He doesn’t dabble in sub-genres, popular music is all about the whole package, infectious melodies, memorable lyrics, cunning beats, alluring style, cool logos, and…sounding amazing. If it’s good…it’s good forever.

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DJ Ola (United Kingdom)

Ola’s Kool Kitchen

Ola's Kool Kitchen is an eclectic ride through both time and space not limited by genre, era or location since 2007. Because good music has no boundaries! Wednesdays 4:00-5:00 EST

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DJ Wayne Lundqvist Ford​ Gothenberg Brighton


ICE CREAM POWER POP AND MORE "Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More!" is a radio show promoting new and established artists in the fields of Power Pop, ModSurf, Punk, New Wave, Northern Soul and more.

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DJ Skip Toronto Canada Hooterville

Radio Hootenanny

The goal every episode of Radio Hootenanny is to include artists & tunes from any genre we dig! College Rock, Alt-everything, Synth, Shoegaze, Punk, Garage, Dub, Reggae, Ska, Rockabilly, Surf... hosted & produced by dj skip

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DJ Mat Mckenzie Artist/Producer/Remixer/Collector/Fan


His collection is a life's work! Initially Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Kraftwerk, Yello, Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis - which comprise his rarest items, but expanded over the almost 40 years to cover many thousands of Electronic Music items in a host of genres on Tapes, Vinyl, CD's and even Autobahn on 8 Track!

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DJ Gary Taylor Birmingham/Reykjavik.

Future Enterprisers

Future Enterprises - Electronic Music by DJ Gary Taylor playing everything Electronic and Eclectic for the Dance Floor.

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DJ Peter and Mark United Kingdom

The After Eight Show

The After Eight Show is a music programme that is broadcast over the internet every Tuesday evening (8 till 10p local time). For Peter and Mark the most exciting thing about presenting the After Eight Show is discovering artists starting out on their careers.

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DJ Rob Green United Kingdom

The Synth Wave Show

The Synth Wave radio show from Electro London’s Rob Green will take you on a two hour journey through a world of stunning synth wave music plus some synth classics that inspired the new genre.

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DJ Lynda K United Kingdom "In the House"

HOUSE LOVE with Lynda K

HOUSE LOVE with Lynda K. House Love Fridays Bi-Weekly with Lynda K

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DJ Marseille, France


French DJ & Producer - Ranging from Deep, House to Techno. Music production is his current occupation. It is to be able to produce, create and deepen his musical knowledge with ambitious and motivated artists to allow a constant exchange and mix musical tastes and create small wonders.

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DJ Toronto Canada

The Upstream with Brilliantfish

Who is this brilliantfish? Elusive, neurotic, multi-talented, stubborn, adaptable, dark, comedic, confessional, intense, paradoxical. "The Upstream with brilliantfish". An eclectic mix of singer/songwriter, indie and rock tracks in the tradition of late night FM deejays of the 70s.

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Astral Projection

The Astral Projection Show

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DJ Nigel Thomas (United Kingdom)

Nigel Thomas – Your Favourite Songs You’ve Never Heard

We've been fans of Nigel since the first day we discovered his music via Elegant Savages. Nigel graced our Bombshell Radio Top 100 of 2016. Nigel has put together a great mix for us. This is Nigel Thomas Presents Your Favourite Songs You've Never Heard.

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DJ's and Visionaries Worldwide

Special Presentation/ Guest Mixes

Every Week we are inviting artists to put together Special Bombshell Radio Presentations for us.  We’ve had some great responses and look forward every week to discovering all these great productions.  Thanks to all the artists that have taken part and made these shows so rewarding.  Be sure to subscribe so you wont miss any of these amazing creations. Enjoy!

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DJ Nikki ( Doha/Toronto)

Everything And The Kitchen Sink

Nikki’s strong punk ethos and beliefs in a grassroots community has made it possible for her to make some amazing connections in the music world.

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