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JJ Kane All New Radio Show

JJ Kane has been in the music industry for 20 yrs. She started her musical journey at a very young age and went on to develop as an award-winning singer-songwriter.

JJ toured the UK in her 20’s with the Asian Music Circuit in London, where she not only worked with some of the best Indian Artists but also some household names along the way, Talvin Singh had just won the Mercury Award and the tour JJ worked on was fusing classical Indian Music with contemporary Jazz. In her own words, JJ says “It was the best time in her career of on being the performing side of the industry, however, she recommends to any artist or band going on tour to TAKE YOUR OWN PILLOW, be prepared to play anywhere and to smile when it all goes wrong”, she openly admits she once sang a song completely the wrong way round at a ticket sale gig, winked at Neil Bailey her Guitarist and soulmate in music and whispered” I don’t think anyone noticed “! the laughter all the way home,and the ribbing even now still goes on !

Caravanmusicpromotions.uk was conceived in a Caravan on the Mendip Hills in Somerset where JJ would spend hours writing, and screaming at horse flies. ” I thought I was tired, after touring for so long, but it was a tiredness that was not to go away, sadly JJ was diagnosed with quite a few chronic and unpronounceable Illnesses all in one big hit,after just having her son, exhausted she said ” No More ” to her then Manager Ian Corbet and before he could say “Let’s do Lunch and talk” Caravanmusicpromotions.uk was born on Monday, by the Friday JJ had her first Clients, Two Producers from SONY BMG who were working with Kanye West and Malik Yousef, talk about a leap of faith, and an ability to adapt, has kept the Caravan running on full steam ever since.

My vocation is helping others to develop and live their dream and making sure they know all the realities that come along with that dream. There will be hard times, you will play at a venue to a chair, you and you will have train your mind and body to be that of a focused athlete, never try to be anyone you are not, and most of all never give up. They don’t call her Mama Kane in the industry for nothing!

JJ Kane All New Radio Show,