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Everything And The Kitchen Sink

Nikki is the charmingly snarky host, mixer, producer of Everything & the Kitchen Sink: An eclectic mess of music and mayhem. What can you expect to hear on Everything and the Kitchen Sink?If the name isn’t telling enough, the show is a mess of ska, punk, retro, indie, metal, dub, reggae and everything in between. The method to Nikki’s madness is to not only give you some of the songs that you know you’ll love, but to give you a taste of some very cool unsigned or indie bands from around the world you might not hear anywhere else.To her, it’s all about the music and sharing her love of music with as many people as she possibly can. Nikki’s strong punk ethos and beliefs in a grassroots community has made it possible for her to make some amazing connections in the music world.

Everything And The Kitchen Sink,