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COLOUR ME FRIDAY Addictions and Other Vices

Andy Barker (808 state) and Tony Ross

Andy Barker

A man who needs no introduction to the original rave community, the legendary Andy Barker joins us  As a core member one of the pioneering acts, 808 State, he helped take the Madchester sound global, working with the likes of Björk, Brian Eno, The Alabama 3 and Elbow along the way. .

 Tony Ross

Tony Ross was one of the regular players on the scene back in the day, he’s toured the world with 808 state and been on many a line up alongside with Sasha. He started DJing in 1987, becuase his brother was a mobile DJ and they worked together in his shop in Salford. Tony often had to spin inn records on saturdays and when the house music started to appear he was immediatly hooked.  In those days he player at lot of parties and he was a regular guest in the Leeds Warehouse. In the early nineties he worked and lived for about three years with Sasha and the last time they played together was at Oz at New years Eve in 1993. Around 1992 the music became to commercial in his eyes and his moitvation began to decline and at the end of 1992 he lost interest in the scene.

He is responsible for the track Goodnight which he produced with Pete Orme under the name Q-sound. They produced this track in 72 hours fueled by weed and xtc.

Andy Barker (808 state) and Tony Ross,