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Isula Prod – Top World Indie 14 01/15/2016

15 January 2017 Bombshell Radio INDIE Jazz Top World Indie World Music


Top World Indie N° 14 of Sunday, 8 January, to Wednesday, 11, at 10 pm and 19 pm! An hour to listen to the independent artists of the entire planet! Isula Prod is “on air” in Toronto on http://bombshellradio.com/
With: Jacky Micaelli (Corsica), Juan Carmona (Spain), Anne Pacéo (France), Aurelio (Garifuna), Phocean Jazz Orchestra (France), Françoise Atlan (Mediterranean), Najem Mohamed (Palestine), Eliana Cuevas (Venezuela), Tarik Bouabel (Morocco), Alba Cantu Corsu (Corsica), olcay bayir (Turkey), Fen Tensi (Spain), letizia giuntini (Corsica), the fusion project (India)